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hisashiburi, LJ!

Yep, I hadn't been posting here. Well, I'm not sure what to post as well xD

Let's see.. I'm currently watching a lot of J-dramas. The ones I'm watching are:

1. Mikeneko no Holmes (Aiba and the cute cat!!)

2. Shiritsu Bakaleya Gakuen (Watched this for the sake of AKB48 & JE collab)

3. Watashi ga rennai dekinai riyuu (Oshima Yuko is in this drama but that's not the reason why I watched. More like the storyline of how 3 women where 1 of them can't find love, the other wants to be loved & the other one cannot forget her love. yep, I'm a hopeless romantic. Only watched episode 1 so far.)

4. Papadoru (Nikishido Ryo starring as himself in this drama and it's kinda scary to watch the life of an idol. I'm not too sure if watever goes in the drama can be said for the same thing in real life coz drama is in a way 'fictional'.)

5. Last Friends (Another Nikishido Ryo drama but not as lead. I've been HUNTING for this drama for ages and finally bought it today xD)

I also have Gokusen 3 and Mei-chan no Shitsuji on hold. Not too sure when I'll be able to finish watching them xDD