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Title: Kinbaku Kouko no Story (The Story of Kinbaku High)
Chapters: Chapter 1/??
Author: rebirthreborn
Beta: None
Genre: School Life, Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Slice of Life
Warnings: I guess none for now.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Go and find out? ;P
Synopsis: “I texted him every hour and the only reply I got was: ‘Don’t bother me for today.’ ”
Disclaimers: If I do own GB, one of them would have been my real boyfriend ;)
Comments: My very first band related fic ^^ I know the sypnosis is lame coz I don't know what to type =_=" Maybe I'll omit that for the following chapters if I have no clue of what to write... Setting is at high school and they’re students (Think of them as the same characters in Matta Kimi ni Bango or something xDD).

Kiryuuin Sho stormed into the class and sat at his seat which was at far corner. He wasn’t being himself at the moment and Kyan Yutaka, his best friend noticed that. Kyan didn’t say anything when he sat next to him because he knew at times like this, Sho would like to be confined to himself. The last time Kyan disturbed Sho’s introvert thinking, he earned a memory that he doesn’t wish to recall. So the best solution now is just to let Sho reveals his thoughts to Kyan, sooner or later.

Morning classes just ended when the school bell rang. Usually both Sho and Kyan would go to the cafeteria together to have their lunch. This time, Sho didn’t bother to move from his seat. Kyan stood up from his seat and left Sho all alone. Perhaps he still need more time to ‘chill’ by himself. Something definitely had happened to Sho but Kyan refuse to make any assumptions of his best friend. He had ideas but refuse to think of them as real unless Sho tells him something or anything.

Upon arrival at the cafeteria, Kyan ordered his lunch and sat at the usual table that the whole school seemed to know its theirs.That particular table was always sat by Sho, Kyan and two other friends, Utahiroba Jun who constantly changes his hair colour for no apparent reasons and kabuki-masked Darvish Kenji.

However, today, only Kyan is sitting at that table, with Kenji who arrived slightly late since his class ended a little later than usual. Jun was nowhere to be seen, leads to Kyan’s assumption truer than it might have.

“Naa, Kenji, where’s Jun?”

Kenji is close with Jun since both of them are neighbours, and both of them always walk to school. If anyone wants to know of Jun’s whereabouts, Kenji is the first person to know.

“I have no idea, honestly…”

Kyan was shocked with Kenji’s answer. “Really? Any idea what happened to him as well?”

“I texted him every hour and the only reply I got was: ‘Don’t bother me for today.’ ”

“That’s unlike of Jun... Hmmm…”

“Where’s Kiryuuin?”

“In the classroom, sulking to himself since the morning til now. I’m not going to bother him. Coz you know what happened the last time…”

“Ah.. that.. right. So there’s something wrong between Kiryuuin and Jun…”

Kyan can’t take it anymore and reveals his thoughts. “Do you think there’s something wrong between Kiryuuin’s and Jun’s relationship?”

Kenji was surprised at Kyan’s question. Hesitatingly, he said, “I don’t know… I wish either of them tells us something.”

Sho and Jun are in a relationship ever since they confessed to each other on Valentine’s. Sho was at first reluctant to because he was afraid of rejection but surprisingly, Jun was with the same thoughts as Sho. He too was afraid of rejection. When both of them knew of this, they hugged each other and whisper “I love you” to each others' ears. Those moments were truly treasured until now.

Constructive criticisms and review are most welcomed! Even a simple 'thank you' would do as well ^^


Ohhhh, a GB fanfic with Sho and Jun! This should be interesting~ <3

When is the next chapter for this? :D
Thanks for the review!

Hmm Until I got at least 3-5 reviews? xD Since 7 are interested in this fiction so I'm hoping to have at least 3-5 reviews per chapters before posting the next one ^^"
...Isn't that say, a little too harsh in getting what you want? :\

If you want that reviews, you have to wait... a long while... since posting in one comm can really only draw that much attention. Sorry for telling you this ^^;
Haha Is it? xD

Ahh no worries. I'm a person who changes my mind quickly so I might post up the next chapter soon (once I had it done that is xD)