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Jan. 1st, 2020

Yokoso! & Friends only Posts

Hello there!

I post fandom stuffs (translations, downloads, scans, videos, etc) in public so you do not need to friend me to view them. Comments are highly appreciated even though you saw the post 1 month or years after I originally posted.

My f-locked posts are posts on my private life.

Banner credits to kanonkuroii

Dec. 31st, 2019


Latest update: 2018.04.30

Looking for and willing to buy these CDs/DVDs/Merchandises sometime in the future.

bold are new addition since last wishlist update in 2012.

List of fandoms:

  1. 12012

  2. Matsushita Yuya

  3. w-inds.

  4. Utada Hikaru

  5. SS501 and SS301

  6. Super Junior

Matsushita Yuya

-None as of now-


100 (July 2018 release)


-None as of now-

Utada Hikaru





-None as of now-

Super Junior

-None as of now-

Dec. 30th, 2019


Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Dec. 29th, 2019


Golden Bomber fanfiction: Archive

Kinbaku Kouko no Story (The Story of Kinbaku High) Archive

2011.12.03: Chapter 1
2011.12.28.: Chapter 2
2011.12.28: Chapter 2.5
2012.xx.xx: Chapter 3
2012.xx.xx: Chapter 4

Poll #1795514 GB fiction

Are you excited to read GB fiction?

I hope to see reviews when I had start posting xD The reason I felt like typing a fanfiction (my first for bands) was because there aren't many GB fics out there xD 応援よろしくお願いします!

Apr. 30th, 2018


I know my LJ is so dusty. I'm pretty sure I could remove myself from some fandom blogs since I no longer follow.

But, I'm glad some fanblogs are still active!

Maybe this blog should be my fandom blog. After all, many of my fangirl memories are here.

Jul. 21st, 2016

Hiatus~ Not really.

After 2 years of not logging onto LJ, I am happy that in my list, there are some active LJ communities posting actual content pages. I guess a lot of them are inactive and constantly being bombarded by 'selling posts'.

I am active in other social media except this. I try to log in once a while if I remembered to.

Updated my 'Wishlist' post too after 4 years.

Jan. 6th, 2014

Kanjani8 Morinaga Hi-Chew Review

Happy New Year everyone!

Last month I traveled to Wakayama (city next to Osaka) in Kansai region. I happened to pick up this packet of candy from a supermarket called 'Owara' because I see the boys' faces and go "yeah, why not?"xD

The 4 flavours here are chocolate banana, red apple, mix juice and a mysterious flavour. Mix juice is more like orange flavoured and mysterious is like chewing gum, at least that's what I think they are xD

I don't remember the price for this packet, maybe it's 600yen for a pack of 20+ chewing candy. But I do know it is not cheap AND only available in Kansai-region. I was also in Tokyo and I didn't see this selling in Tokyo, so I assume this is Kansai-region exclusive.

Thanks for reading! Click here if you want to try your luck for this goodie ;)

K8 candy

Dec. 25th, 2013

Arashi at Haneda Airport

The 7 hours 30 minutes flight from Singapore to Japan was tiring, partly because I was excited, but also, I couldn't sleep at the airplane.

So imagine my tiredness turned excitement when the first thing I saw was the boys' face at banners! Haha. I knew I wasn't that sleepy anymore when I saw Arashi at the airport xD

I hope you enjoyed these (watermarked) pictures! Happy holidays! [Click to enlarge]








Dec. 23rd, 2013

This blog

Honestly, I haven't been updating this blog as this username is mainly used for LJ comm. Plus, I am using blogger and wordpress for my personal blog updates.

I'll drop by few fandom-related stuffs whenever I 'feel' like posting.

2014 is coming.

Dec. 12th, 2012



Happy 12012 day! Haha. Well, they always have a concert every December 12th (not forgetting their free live back in 2009 titled 'Muhochitai') and this time round it was SOLD OUT!

Congratz to them!

Although I do wish to have their single, 'Cunning Killer' which is only sold at the live house. -sigh-

Nevertheless, I will support you guys as much as I can! It was because of you guys that I started listening to visual-kei and knowing other vkei bands.

And you guys will be my ichiban, forever as 5. Doesn't matter what will happen in the future, I want to at least, go to Japan and see them with my own eyes, not from the screens or magazine clippings.

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