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Kaidoh Kaoru

PoT fic: Let's Play A Round of Poker or Two!

A/N: Inspiration from Tenipuri's fanbook vol. 10 [Link here] translated by ice_archeress . The fanfiction.net link is here.

Disclaimer: PoT not mine!

Two men were sitting face to face, observing their cards very carefully. The silver haired ponytail was the dealer for this 1st round of poker. How did both of them come to play a game of poker, only God knows. Decided by the flip of a coin, silver-haired Niou Masaharu became the dealer.

Sitting opposite of Niou is the orange-haired who claims to be 'lucky' all the time, hence also known as 'Lucky Sengoku'. Sengoku Kiyosumi was delighted to have a round of poker since he hadn't done so for quite some time. It's just a game of poker, he thought. How could it be any harder?

"Dealer gets to bet first. $1 on the table. Wanna raise?"

Sengoku grinned at Niou, said "Sure, $2 from me." Niou added another dollar to the pot, making it altogether $4. He gave a card each to himself and Sengoku, making the pair had 3 cards. His poker hand hadn't busted yet, so as Sengoku's.

"So we're still playing hm? Why am I not surprised?" Niou looked through his card and yes, his poker hand almost bust, if the next card does not favour him. "Let's raise the stakes slightly higher then. $2 from my side. Sengoku-san?"

"Hmmm… I'm feeling lucky! Double my bet for the next round!" Sengoku handed the dealer $4. Niou had to put up with it and add another $2 to the existing pot, making it $12 altogether. He dealt the card to Sengoku and took one from the pile to himself. He glanced at it quickly, knowing this game would end very soon.

"Ne, Niou-kun, how's your hand?"


"I'm going to show my hand now. What about you, Niou-kun?"

"All right then."

A/N: Who will win? Lucky Sengoku or Trickster Niou? Your guesses? =D