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It has to be this coming June!

The AKB Theatre has announced performances for this coming January, and I'm pretty sure there will be perfs every month. Just hope it will AKB48 coming in June, like last year.

Kis-my-Ft2 did announced Singapore as part of their Asia tour this year. Please let it be in June!!

and L'arc en Ciel is going to Singapore soon. As well, let it be in June. Coz I checked their world tour dates and the last leg so far is South Korea on 5th May. omg.

I'm hoping all 3 acts will be in June, but at different times. Doesn't matter if all 3 are at the same day but diff times of course! So that I can watch all 3!!

Praying hard for all 3 to go during June, and the tour dates not so far apart xD

omg I'm so excited!!!