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GB 2.5 - Sho's Side

Chapter 2.5! This time it's Sho's side of their post-breakdown.

Kiryuuin Sho initially refused to get up in the morning for school, not when he had his heart broken by Jun. Of all things Jun could have said, Jun asked for a breakup instead. Kiryuuin does not know if this is partly his fault as well for their rocky relationship, or maybe both of them were just not meant to be together.

Due to his nature of not wanting to let the people around him knows of his personal businesses, he reluctantly got up from bed and tried to do his normal routine before heading to school. It was never easy, not when the full length mirror has purikuras of him and Jun being lovey dovey. He took the purikura out, looked through at those silly moments and almost wanted to cry.

No, he cannot cry anymore. Not for the bastard, Kiryuuin thought. He wiped off his tears and immediately threw away the purikura into the dustbin. He quickly went downstairs for breakfast before heading to school.

When he’s angry, he’s not afraid to show it. And that was exactly how he entered the classroom, ‘like a boss’. Banged through the door and sat at his seat. He doesn’t care if all eyes are set on him. None dared to ask why he behaved such way because most of his classmates witnessed Kiryuuin’s darkside when Kyan ‘disturbed’ his unhealthy aura. Kiryuuin knew Kyan meant no harm but he wished to be alone for a while. He knew himself more that he will eventually gave up his façade and talk to Kyan about it.

PS: My friending meme is up at golden_bomber if anyone is interested. ;D



Omg i'm so looking forward to the next chapter!
i know i'm not the fastest while founding your story! ;^;

i just noticed that you posted the last time 3 years ago ;A;

i dont know what to say anymore, so i just leave some cookies and love for you

or something. idk. or i just leave a naked kenji. thats better.

Re: Heartbreak

woah! You surprised me more with this comment xD

ahaha! I am too busy nowadays but I'll try to update this and perhaps finish it soon? No promises but cookies and love received~ (including naked Kenji but not going to admit it as it was a bigger surprise x'D)