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Prince of Tennis : Subete Dakishimete snapshots

This is my first time posting up CD shots. Please don't ask me for scans as I do not have a scanner. Sorry for the pictures being TOO big. xD

This album only cost 1000 YEN (Tax included) and it's worth buying it as proceeds from this album will be donated to help the Japan earthquake victims. It's a limited edition album and will only be available until 7th September 2011 Now really, where can you get an album for only 1000 YEN?

So, if you like PoT so much, I suggest you fork out your money to purchase this album either at CDJapan or HMV Japan or at YesAsia =) Trust me, it's worth it.

Right~ Image time!!

Front cover & obi


Page 1 & 2
I don't understand the Japanese message on page 1 except for the last sentence which reads : Ganbarou Nipon!

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5 & 6

Page 7 & 8

Page 9 & 10

Last page & CD

Back cover

The tenipuri characters are here:[Not included in booklet, just for reference xD]

I ripped my CD copy here as well if anyone's interested. Last but not least, PLEASE purchase this cheap album! ;D

Edit (2012.01.23): File is password protected. PM me for password. Commenting for password will not be entertained. Thank you.


Oh, this looks so worth buying! Where did you buy yours? I think your link isn't working correctly at the moment. :3

Thank you for sharing this! I wanted to buy this but forgot about it for a while. XD;
Yep, it is~ I bought mine at CDJapan ^^

Which links are you talking about? Both CDJapan & d/l links work perfectly fine for me

Your welcome~ Oooh, you better buy it before you forgotten again ;)
The link to CDJapan... it was showing as a link to LJ before for me. =x But thanks! I was considering buying it from PlayAsia. I don't know if they still have it at the moment. :3;;
Oh? Is it? Try this : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NECM-10156

I just checked Play Asia & yep, they do have it (^_^)b
Your welcome ^^ I'm glad you plan to buy it =D I mean, how could we resist chibi tenipuri chara? ;P
Ahh~ isn't that chibi char Konomi-sensei on the front? 8DDD

Thank you for sharing!
Yep =DD I wish there are more charas on the front cover xD

Your welcome!
Uh-hm! But I don't quite like the font Dx

I hope someone is willing to do so ;D
*_* thanks! Will probably get it too, such cute illustrations.
Your welcome ^^ I hope you do ;)
Thanks so much for sharing!:)
Your welcome~ =)
Thanks so much for this! I haven't ordered mine yet, but I plan to soon. It's just so colorful! <3
Your welcome! I hope you plan to do so soon! Yep, I was surprised by it's colourfulness too xD
Wow! Thank you~

This seems very cute :3
And the chibi characters are lovely~
Your welcome ^^
Aaah, thank you for sharing some shots. :D I'm still waiting for mine to arrive~
Your welcome ^^ I hope your copy arrives soon~
Thank you very much for sharing.
I didn't know about this and I'm thinking about buying it, if possible!

and yesasia has the cd too!
Your welcome ^^ I hope you're buying it ;)

Oh! Thanks for the link~ You're definitely a 'tensai' ;D
haha thank you! i think you know which charactere of Seigaku wy first favorite XD

and you are welcome <3

(i will try to get it next month!)
I didn't know a cd like this has been out! I'll buy it foe sure!
thanx for sharing the images :)
Your welcome~ ^^ Glad you are buying it ;)
oh, it's out already! thanks for the info. and yeah, it's unbelievably cheap! buying mine now :D
Your welcome ^^ Glad you decided to buy =)
thank you!! <3